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  • Development of application of drying equipment in calcium carbonate industry
    Heating equipmentThe fluidized bed dryer is second only to the spray dryer. It is divided into a fluidized bed dryer with a stirrer at the feeding part and a fluidized bed dryer with internal heat exchange. When the fluidized bed is used to dry the po…
  • Outline the application of dryer exhaust dust removal technology
    The dryer has a large amount of exhaust air, high dust concentration, high moisture content, high dew point, easy condensation, high discharge point, and wide pollution range, which are the difficulties of dust removal technology. The exhaust gas at t…
  • Troubleshooting of spray drying tower system
    Troubleshooting of spray drying tower system Spray drying tower system for testing of redispersible powder. The system was introduced from Denmark and produced by Manilu Company, model Production minor / 12.5, the drying tower is composed of high-speed atomizer, blower, flash dryer, cyclone, hea…
  • Drying equipment is very extensive in industrial test use
    Drying equipment is very extensive in industrial test use Drying equipment is widely used in industrial testing. Many fields require the use of drying equipment. Similarly, drying equipment also plays an important role in the pharmaceutical industry. Today, the author will bring the application of eight kind…
  • Common failures and maintenance of belt dryers during use
    Although the belt dryer is currently a more efficient and energy-saving dryer, there are also failures in actual operation. What we have done is to find out the cause of the failure to eliminate it, and let the belt dryer serve us. Therefore, when cus…
  • Application range and selection of belt dryer
    SelectionThe belt dryer has a wide range of applications. At present, it has its application in the pharmaceutical, food, biological, chemical and other fields. However, the selection criteria are different in each field, because the requirements and …
  • Development status and characteristics of high-efficiency mixed granulator for calcium carbonate industry
    The overall requirements of the granulator used in the calcium carbonate industry are high thermal efficiency, low energy consumption, simple configuration, convenient control, small footprint, and safe and hygienic operating environment. At present, …
  • Four process design methods of rotary flash dryer
    The new equipment of the rotary flash dryer adopts various devices. For example, a variety of feeding devices are used to make the feeding continuous and stable, and the feeding process will not cause bridging. The bottom of the dryer adopts a special…

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