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  • ERT Alcohol Recovery Tower

    Sketch:The device adapts high ef fect ceramics wave filler . The body of distillation tower is made of stainless steel. In this way it can prevent from the phenomenon of filler block caused by scrap iron and its life is prolonged…

  • CG Forming Machine

    Sketch:Forming machine series can be divided into groove forming machine, horizontal extruder, roll granulator. Different types have different uses and performance advantages.

  • TJG Fixed Lifting Feeder

    Sketch:Model TJG fixed material lifting and feeding machine consists of two parts,i.e. The lifting machine and base, the lifting machine is composed of the rack,hydraulic lifting system and the hoopper-turning mechanism. in operation…

  • ZSL-III Vacuum Feeder

    Sketch:Model ZSlIII serial vacuum feeder is a third-generaticn new-type vacuum feeder recently developed by our company. it has advantages of fast feeding, long service period, simple operation, clean and in conformity with requirement.

  • Stainless steel containers

    Sketch:Such series of container are fit for thick/thin mixing of pharmacy industry, the tanker with interlining can heat, cool while the internal surface is eletrolytic mirror finished, the capped ends (taper) are spinning processed…

  • CG series forming machine

    Sketch:product description◎ Slot forming machine: It consists of a hopper and two rollers with grooves. The purpose is to increase the surface area of the granulation. The material is sucked by the inner rotating roller and cut into granules by the inverted…

  • TJG fixed lifting feeder

    Sketch:OverviewTJG series fixed lifting feeder consists of two parts, namely the elevator and the base. The hoist consists of a frame, a hydraulic hoisting system and a door turning mechanism. When working, firstly fasten the material door of the hoist to th…

  • ZSL-Ⅲ Series Vacuum Feeder

    Sketch:FeaturesFast loading speed.Long working hours.No leakage, clean and sanitary, suitable for clean plant.Compact structure, easy movement and simple operation.Equipped with quick-release clamps, easy to fold and clean, meet the requirements.Product desc…

  • Stainless steel storage tank, preparation tank

    Sketch:product descriptionThis series of containers is suitable for thick / thin blending in the pharmaceutical industry. The tank body is equipped with an interlayer, which can be heated and cooled. The inner surface is polished by electrolytic mirror. The …


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